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Training to Women in Animal Husbandry


     ‘The Swarnim Educational & Welfare Association’ is encouraging rural women to be involved in agriculture, dairy production and livestock management activities. Traditionally, women are responsible for the activities such as giving feed and water to the animals, cleaning and bathing of animals, maintenance and cleaning of cattle shed, fodder collection, collection of cow dung and preparation cow dung cakes, and preparation of milk products. They also participate frequently in talking care of sick animals, care of pregnant animals, care of newborn calves, milking and grazing of the animals. The level of involvement of women was quite low in breeding activities and sale low in breeding and sale or purchase of livestock and feed items.

     The organization is providing training to rural women in the field of livestock improved their participation in animal husbandry activities. They are now playing an important role in taking decision regarding livestock production. The organization is trying to develop educational and training programmes in appropriate livestock production technologies for farm-women which would be duly supported by input agencies and credit facilities for increasing the productivity of farm animals. Special attention is being given for improving existing skills of rural women. Though the farm-women perform all the activities related to agriculture and animal husbandry, their contribution in decision making is found to be meager. Majority of the farm women look decisions on number of animals kept, quantity of mild to be sole, feeding and management of the animals.