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K S Rawat
Swarnim Educational & Welfare Association
705, Pocket - 5
Mayur Vihar Phase - I
New Delhi - 110091
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Non-Formal Education for Slum Children


‘The Swarnim Educational & Welfare Association’ is also running a center of Non-Formal Education or slum childe, whose parents are mostly poor and illiterate. They have migrated from other states in search of better sources of livelihood. The organization conducted a survey. Which found that many of the children living in this slum were not going to schools? They either worked as rag pickers or did petty jobs for survival. The organization also observed that many children, who went to regular schools, were very poor in their studies. They needed to be given some extra coaching, as they couldn’t afford private tutors. The rate of school dropouts was very high in this area.

     There was no support for these children at home for education because their parents who were to ignorant and poor that they could hardly afford books or school fees for their children. To enroll these children and make them stay at the center was not an easy task. In the beginning, children didn’t want to come to the center, as they had no learning habits. Thus learning through play method was adopted by our instructors, which helped in developing a habit of learning among these children with the help of locally available material, some stays were also prepared for children to learn and enjoy., they are also taken for outings form time to time.